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'Bloody Face. No Problem' Cornerman Bag
'Bloody Face. No Problem' Cornerman Bag
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Product Description

'Bloody Face. No Problem' Cornerman Bag
Cutman Juan Ramirez uses this bag cageside/ ringside to keep Enswell on Ice as well as to store equipment needed during battle.

The CUTMAN4HIRE 'Bloody Face, No Problem; CUTMAN BAG is COMPACT and INSULATED. Can be used to carry Gauze, Tape, Scissors etc. in the main compartment or use the main compartment to store Ice, Ice Bags and Enswell. Insulated box will help maintain Ice and Enswell COLD. Bag collapses for easy storage.

(Price is for bag only)

"Some see blood and Run. Lets hope they're not in your Corner!" (Copyright) Juan Ramirez