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Cutman4Hire Cut Kit
Cutman4Hire Cut Kit
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Product Description

Included in this Cutman4Hire/ Cornerman Cut Care Kit:

10 Pieces of 4x4 Non Sterile Dressing (Gauze Squares)

50 Pieces of Nose Bleed Plugs used to control common nose bleeds in the first inch of the nose

Swab Combo Pack- 6 Pro Cutman Swabs/ 6 Jumbo Swabs

3 Pairs of Nitrile Safety Gloves (Available in Large & XL)

1 Petroleum Jelly (1.75 oz )

***ATTENTION*** Cut Medication (Adrenaline 1:1000) NOT included in this kit, and Not available at Cutman4Hire Store***

Updated 11-14-2015

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